Glenn Curtiss

November is National Aviation History Month! On this day, November 30th, in 1907, Glenn Curtiss founded the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company, the first airplane manufacturing company in the United States. At Kelch Aviation Museum, we have two Curtiss-Wright aircraft … Continue reading

Richard Byrd

November is National Aviation History month! 90 years ago on this day in 1929, Richard Byrd and his 3-man crew made the first flight to the South Pole. They had difficulty gaining enough altitude, and had to dump empty gas … Continue reading

Raymonde de Laroche

November is National Aviation History month! Fun fact: On this day, November 25th,in 1913, Raymonde de Laroche, the first woman to earn a pilot’s license, flew 200 miles (320 km) solo in four hours, setting a new record. The flight … Continue reading

China Clipper

November is National Aviation History month! Fun fact: On this day in 1935, The China Clipper’s first transpacific crossing departed Alameda, flown by Captain Edwin Musick. At the end of the six-day, 8,210-mile trip, the China Clipper reached Manila on … Continue reading

Macauley Field

November is National Aviation History month! A hundred years ago on November 20th, 1919, Macauley Field, the first Municipal Airport in the United States, officially opened! The local paper, Tucson Citizen, reported that the first landing at the new airport … Continue reading

Pietenpol Donation!

Big news to announce! We finalized a wonderful aircraft donation this week. The Kelch Aviation Museum at Brodhead Airport has received a donation of an original Pietenpol Air Camper aircraft from Mr. Gary Baglien of Loudon, Tennessee. Mr. Baglien purchased … Continue reading

Closed in For Winter

Construction of our new hangar has been delayed a bit by the fickle Wisconsin weather, but we are enclosed just in time for winter. The heat is on and most of the remaining work is inside. Pictures here from November … Continue reading