Pirsch REO Fire Truck

An awesome piece of local history has joined the museum, on permanent loan from the Brodhead Fire District. This Pirsch REO fire truck was purchased new by the city in 1923 and was in service until 1953. Restored in 1982, … Continue reading

1918 Flu Pandemic

In looking through historic documents from the 1918 flu pandemic, we found this… How do you enforce such a thing? Here at Kelch Aviation Museum, we’re relying on humor and hope. Remember, humanity has been through this before! Like our … Continue reading

Learn & Earn

Check out this cool poster, circa 1918! There are lots of similarities between today’s COVID-19 and the 1918 flu pandemic, and here at Kelch Aviation Museum we’ve been finding some inspiring and timely treasures. Stay safe, everyone! … Continue reading

William E. Boeing

“My firm conviction from the start has been that science and hard work can lick what appear to be insurmountable difficulties.” – William E Boeing, founder of The Boeing Company. In these strange and difficult times, it’s helpful to remember … Continue reading


Congratulations to Gary Lampman, who was selected at random from all the entrants in our drawing. Gary receives a copy of our picture book, “Biplanes of the Kelch Aviation Museum.” Thank you to everyone who signed up for our newsletter … Continue reading

Work From Home

Half of our staff (of two) is taking this week off while I work from home, so our posts here aren’t as flashy as usual. Ami Eckard-Lee is our archivist, collections manager, & social media guru, but instead of working … Continue reading

Final Day of the Giveaway

Today’s the final day in our giveaway! Enter now to win a gorgeous coffee table book featuring incredible photos of our biplane collection, including our 1932 Curtiss-Wright pictured in flight here. It’s simple to enter: Sign up for our e-mail … Continue reading

How NOT to Fly

Happy weekend! Here’s Bugs Bunny showing us how NOT to learn to fly… It’s gorgeous flying weather, but we’re staying on the ground in lockdown. Reading any good aviation books? Share your recommendations in the comments. … Continue reading