Phase I Groundbreaking

We’re excited to announce the official groundbreaking for Phase I of our new museum building. The date is Friday, July 19, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. Bayland Buildings of Green Bay, Wis. is our general contractor and the new 12,000 sq. … Continue reading

Safely Moving the Archive

With Phase 1 of the new museum building construction right around the corner, we began a long anticipated move of our archive to a suitable climate controlled facility in mid-May. The building that housed our books, papers, artwork, physical objects, … Continue reading

Boy Scouts to the Rescue

Brodhead Boy Scout Troop 108 pitched in today to remove the observation deck from the current building at the Kelch Aviation Museum. They will be using the materials to make new cabins at the scout camp in Decatur Township. Thanks … Continue reading

Velie Monocoupe

This Velie powered Monocoupe 70 hangs in the California Science Center in Los Angeles, and is nearly identical to N800HB, owned by the Kelch Aviation Museum. Our Model 70 is the only “project” airplane in the collection and we hope … Continue reading

1932 Michigan Air Tour

The sister ship to our Curtiss-Wright 12-W (one serial number below) is shown here in 1932 with its original owner, Ruth Kitchel from Coldwater, Michigan. Ruth and her friend Alice Hirschman flew in the 1932 Michigan Air Tour. This picture … Continue reading