New Landscaping Underway

Mother Nature finally relented and our landscaping is underway around the new museum hangar. A new driveway and parking area are in on the east side, and grading backfill is under way in preparation for a lot of grass seed! … Continue reading

Pandemic Post Office

At this time, we’re all relying so much on airmail, and yet it’s barely 100 years old! On this day in 1918, the USA Post Office made the first scheduled airmail trip between New York and Washington, D.C. Here’s some … Continue reading

Moving Charles Lindbergh

We moved Charles Lindbergh into the new hangar today – with proper health precautions, of course… Let this photo go on the record: at Kelch Aviation Museum we’re doing our part to keep the world healthy! … Continue reading

Interesting Masks

When we’re not working from home, our staff wears masks. We know we may look a bit odd, but we aren’t the first ones – check out this very, um, interesting, mask situation from the 1918 flu pandemic! Stay safe, … Continue reading

Pirsch REO Fire Truck

An awesome piece of local history has joined the museum, on permanent loan from the Brodhead Fire District. This Pirsch REO fire truck was purchased new by the city in 1923 and was in service until 1953. Restored in 1982, … Continue reading