As a non-profit museum, we are in the fundraising business and like it or not, asking people for money is part of the daily grind. Sometimes though, an unsolicited donation comes in that rewards all of the effort and reaffirms … Continue reading

Lincoln Page LP-3 First Run

Director Greg Heckman made the first run of his newly restored 1928 Lincoln Page LP-3 today at Brodhead Airport. The OX-5 engine is original to this aircraft and hasn’t run in 89 years when the LP-3 last flew. See Greg’s … Continue reading

Our Wish List

In the course of operating a non-profit museum, large unbudgeted expenses sometimes come up. This is true of any organization.  In our case, owning 2.5 acres of property requires a quality lawn tractor to keep the place looking nice and … Continue reading

Preferred Altitude Podcast

Our friend Patrick Webb from Preferred Altitude, LLC stopped by the Kelch Aviation Museum last August to do an interview for his Preferred Altitude Podcast. The podcast has just been published and you can listen to it here: 10 – … Continue reading