1931 American Eaglecraft “Eaglet”

This airplane, Model B31, was built by American Eagle Lincoln in Kansas City, Mo. during the Depression as a low cost, light aircraft. The engine was a 35 hp 3-cyliner Szekely. There were no brakes an no tail wheel. Al Kelch rebuilt this airplane in the Experimental category and installed a more modern Continental 65 hp engine. It has been flown for many fun hours in Florida. A tail wheel was added for turning ease.

Engine: 65 hp. Continental C-65
Originally: 45 hp. 3-cylinder Szekely SR-3-0
Price New: $1,575
Empty Weight: 509 lbs.Cruise Speed: 75 mph
Max Gross Weight: 922 lbs.Max. Speed: 90
Upper wing span: 34'4"Ceiling: 14,500