January Snows

When it snows at Brodhead Airport, you put skis on your airplane! Here’s a shot of airport founder Bill Earleywine in 1946 with skis on his Ercoupe…not something you see every day.

Bill had Ercoupe and Taylorcraft dealerships at Brodhead Airport until 1947. This ship is still flying today in the Chicago area.

Aviation Art Alert

Aviation art alert! We received this lovely original ad for the States Super Monoplane – along with dozens more – in a donation to the Archive & Library.

We were gonna post this as a Name That Plane challenge – but it has the name right on it, and I thought it might be too hard anyway. Does anyone have any experience with the States Super Monoplane?

Another Throwback Picture

Throwback Thursday! Here’s Brodhead Airport, our home airport, way back in 1976 during one of EAA chapter 431’s early corn boil fly-ins.

There are so many more cars than planes – it’s a bit playing like playing Where’s Waldo to find them – and back then there were only a handful of hangars. Today, our summer fly-ins attract upwards of 200 airplanes if the weather’s good, and Brodhead airport has 58 hangars.

Times have changed, but Brodhead Airport still hosts many fly-ins each year. Drop in for the next, the Groundhog Day Chili Ski Fly-In, on February 1st!

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday! Well, every day is a throwback day here… 😉

EAA Chapter 431 has been holding fly-ins at our home airport, Brodhead Airport, since the early 1970s. Here’s a poster from the Kelch Archive, the year that EAA’s replica of the Spirit of St Louis came to Brodhead!

Mensile di Aeronautica e Spazio

We’re internationally famous! An Italian aviation magazine, JP4: Mensile di Aeronautica e Spazio, reached out to us requesting info about the Pietenpol that Gary Baglien donated to us in November. This month, they featured a small piece about the Pietenpol donation and Kelch Aviation Museum!

As random luck would have it, our archivist Ami Eckard-Lee speaks Italian, and when the magazine arrived she translated the article aloud. Here’s a cutting from the magazine, complete with Italian caption! (They misspelled Brodhead, but that’s ok)

Curious? The magazine can be purchased as a downloadable PDF online here:

Happy 2020

Happy new year! It’s been incredibly balmy in Brodhead, so we welcomed the new year with a bit of open-cockpit flying! May 2020 bring you clear blue skies.

Thank you, one and all, for your support in 2019! From fly-ins to Facebook photo contests to seeing our Phase 1 building take shape, you’ve helped us have a truly amazing year. We hope to see many of you around the field in 2020!

Corben Super-Ace magazine artwork

Here’s some stunning magazine art from the archives! The Corben Super-Ace is a homebuilt plane, and a set of plans and construction articles originally appeared in Popular Aviation, starting with this issue in April 1935. We’re close to home with this one: The Corben Sport Plane and Supply Company was based right here in Madison, Wisconsin!

Super Ace fans, look closely – the publishers misspelled Corben as “Corbin” here… Whoops.

Holiday Travels!

Here’s wishing you safe travels over the holidays! If you’re sick of traffic, remember – you could “fly in comfort for two cents a mile” in a Fairchild. Looks a little chilly to me…
This vintage ad from a 1939 Aero Digest magazine is one of the countless delightful treasures in Kelch Aviation Museum’s archive!