1940 Welch OW8M

Orin Welch began designing and building airplanes in 1927 in Anderson, Ind. and later in South Bend, Ind. He started with biplanes, including the OW1, OW2, OW3 and OW4. He then built the OW5 and his own Welch engine of 45 hp with 2 cylinders. Production ceased at the start of WWII. Orin joined the Army Air Corps and was lost at the age of 36 on March 13, 1943 while flying cargo over “The Hump”. This airplane is a replica built from original drawings.

Engine: 65 hp. Continental A-65
Originally Lycoming A-40-4
Price New: $899
Empty Weight: 540 lbs.Cruise Speed: 85 mph
Max Gross Weight: 950 lbs.Max. Speed: 90 mph
Wing span: 34'5"Ceiling: 11,500