1929 Butler Blackhawk

Designed by Waverly Stearman (Lloyd Stearman’s brother) for the Butler Manufacturing Company of Kansas City, the Butler Blackhawk is best described by Joseph Juptner:

The capable-looking “Blackhawk” was a 3 place open cockpit biplane that had a nice eager stance, a plane of many qualities that would appeal to the sportsman-pilot; powered with the Wright J-5 engine of 220 h.p., it had a snappy performance with payload and range enough for extensive cross-country travels. Foremost among the “Blackhawk’s” many features was a rugged construction of exceptional rigidity, which would allow the average pilot to vent his exuberance by man-handling this craft in the air as much as he dared and not have to worry about it’s coming apart.

Engine: 220 hp. Wright J-5Price New: $7,995
Empty Weight: 1,885 lbs.Cruise Speed: 110 mph
Max Gross Weight: 2,900 lbs.Max. Speed: 130
Upper wing span: 34'
Lower wing span: 28'6"
Fuel Capacity: 65 gal.