We're a living museum, so new exhibits are always evolving. Current displays include our 1930s Bernard Pietenpol aircraft workshop recreation, Hollywood's stunt pilots, the Adventures of early Air Mail, a history of Alfred and Lois Kelch, the process of restoring antique aircraft, and much more. Have a special interest or idea for a display? We'd love to hear from you!


Aircraft Displays

At any given time, a rotating cast of our aircraft will be on display. Since many of our airplanes are airworthy and fly regularly, we’re constantly playing an airplane version of musical chairs! Each of the planes has a unique and fascinating story – from depression era crop dusters to prototypes to salvaged ships found in chicken coops. We bring these stories to life with photos, audio and video, and hands-on experiences.


Media & History Exhibits

Pulling photos, magazines, and artifacts from our extensive archive, we can illustrate the stories in aviation. For example, we're thrilled to feature Bernard H Pietenpol, the father of the homebuilt aircraft movement, through original artifacts and information from the Pietenpol family and others. Traveling exhibits have been displayed before. Looking for a fascinating glimpse into aviation history for your museum or gallery? Reach out to us! We're happy to collaborate.


Hands-on Experiences

Early aviators learned their trade by getting out there and getting their hands dirty - and there's nothing like that kind of experience! Whether it's aircraft construction or the principles of flight, we've got exhibits that are a hands-on adventure for all ages.

Exhibit Inquiries and Ideas

Kelch Aviation Museum can provide traveling and/or featured exhibits on loan. Have a project you'd like to collaborate on? We look forward to hearing from you! Is there an area of aviation or topic you'd like to see in an exhibit? We love your ideas, drop us a line!

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