Our aircraft collection is made up of 19 original vintage airplanes. Some are from Al Kelch's original collection, some have been donated, and some are on long-term loan to the museum. Within our fleet are an original Taylor E-2 Cub, a Stearman C3B with a fascinating history, the only airworthy Butler Blackhawk in existence, and a Travel Air with a direct link to Charles Lindbergh. We keep many of our planes airworthy, so on any given summer's day you're likely to see one soaring overhead.

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Archive & Library

With over 10,000 original books, magazines, photographs, and other media, our archive and library covers all aspects of aviation history. We're happy to provide researchers, aviation enthusiasts, students, and the general public access to informative, rare, and historic aviation media! A cornerstone of our mission is to provide education and awareness to the public and the aviation community about the Golden Age of aviation. Media - whether it be photographs, original building plans, vintage magazines, or in-depth biographies - is instrumental to education and historic record. Many of our archival materials are very old, and require care and conservation. Donated materials make up the majority of the collection. Please reach out to us if you would like to make an archival donation, or contribute to our archive & library fund.

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Aviation technology brought changes to every form of transportation. Our fleet of original vintage automobiles includes a 1930 Studebaker Erskine, pictured here, part of an exhibit featuring travel during the Great Depression. Looking for a little Old Hollywood glamour? Our gorgeously restored and running 1936 Ford Phaeton can be rented for special events.

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