1929 Stearman C3-B

The Stearman C3B series of airplanes were built from 1927-29, designed by Lloyd Stearman and manufactured by the Stearman Aircraft Co of Wichita, KS. Lloyd Stearman, who had previously been a designer at Swallow and Travelair Aircraft Companies, went out on his own in 1926 to form his own company. Powered by the Wright J-5 Whirlwind engine of 220 h.p., about 240 C3 variants were made. The C3 was a well built and popular aircraft and was intended for the wealthier pilots and businesses. Several were used for flying early airmail. Later on into the thirties, many were converted to agricultural aircraft for crop dusting and spraying; most surviving C3s are former agriculture airplanes. Our Stearman C3B spent most of its life as an agricultural aircraft, dusting and spraying crops in California. Al Kelch purchased N8811 in the late 1970s; over a twenty year period, it was completely restored by several craftsman. In Brodhead WI in 1995 our Stearman C3-B finally returned to its original 1929 configuration.

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