Our Wish List

In the course of operating a non-profit museum, large unbudgeted expenses sometimes come up. This is true of any organization. 

In our case, owning 2.5 acres of property requires a quality lawn tractor to keep the place looking nice and up until now, we have been using borrowed equipment from one of our renters. Well, our renter moved out last fall so we are now without a good mower. We have a small backup riding mower but it is not long for this world.

We could purchase a new lawn tractor, but those thousands of dollars would be taken away from our new museum operating fund. Instead of appealing to donors for cash to buy a mower, we thought it best to ask around to see if anyone has a good tractor they are willing to donate. You get the tax write off and we get our grass mowed.

So, we have established a “Wish List” of large items that we need but don’t necessarily have the immediate funding to purchase. If you can help out, please contact us.

  • Lawn Tractor – at least 48″ cut
  • Golf Cart – 4-seat preferred, gas or electric
  • Old laptop or small form factor computer – to run videos during our events