As a non-profit museum, we are in the fundraising business and like it or not, asking people for money is part of the daily grind. Sometimes though, an unsolicited donation comes in that rewards all of the effort and reaffirms what we are trying to do at the Kelch Aviation Museum. 

“Charlie” visited us last week from the Atlanta area. He got an airplane ride in a J-3 Cub from one of the locals at Brodhead Airport and we shot video form a wing mounted camera for him to take home and show his friends. Just a fun thing to do for a young kid with a big interest in aviation. He had a great time and promised to come back again next summer.

We received the following letter from Charlie yesterday along with $23 in cash. Its hard to put into perspective what this small amount of cash means coming from a young kid, but it certainly keeps us motivated to get our capital campaign finished this year and start building the new museum facility. Thanks, Charlie!