Women Aviators of the Allied Army

Those daring aviatrices! A news article from the Times Dispatch, November 1st 1914. Would women make up the next flying corps?

The article mentions record-setting lady pilot Helene Dutrieu, who we featured yesterday:
“One of the most daring of women aviators is Mademoiselle Helene Dutrieu of France. She was the first woman to perform the loop-the-loop trick, that “death defying stunt that made men’s blood stand still when they first saw a man do it.” Mademoiselle Dutrieu did it as coolly and cleverly as any man. She is a tall, siender girl with an exquisite figure, as supple as a bamboo and as strong as steel. She,has carried a man passenger very
often and is therefore well qualified for war aviation, in which two persons in a machine are almost a necessity. Mademoiselle Dutrieu received the Legion of Honor decoration for her exploits. She would undoubtedly make a daring leader of fighting aviations.”