Work From Home

Half of our staff (of two) is taking this week off while I work from home, so our posts here aren’t as flashy as usual.

Ami Eckard-Lee is our archivist, collections manager, & social media guru, but instead of working for Kelch right now, she’s off sewing masks for essential workers in the Brodhead area. She’s made and delivered over 50 in the past few days and donated most of them to folks in Brodhead who have to work during this pandemic, including her dad, who’s a doctor. Ami found a bunch of cool historic photos from the 1918 flu pandemic and other times of mass mask-wearing, which she’ll be posting here for fun – so stay tuned, and stay safe.

Keep up the good work, Ami! Your job at the museum is safe (these posts aren’t going to write themselves!) and we’re proud of your volunteer service to the community.