Moving Sale

With the recent purchase of the property and buildings next to Brodhead Airport where we intend to construct our new museum building, we inherited quite

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“Lucky Dog”

One of the original trustees of the Alfred & Lois Kelch Charitable Trust and a long time friend of Al Kelch is Doug Holt, from

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Our “New” Taylorcraft

Yesterday, we removed the tarps and brought our newly acquired ’37 Taylorcraft A out of its hangar and moved it to the south Kelch Museum

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Done Deal

It’s official! On Thursday, April 30, 2015, the Kelch Aviation Museum completed the purchase of the property and hangars at N2463 Airport Road in Brodhead,

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New Home for the Kelch Aviation Museum

Hello, and thanks for visiting the Alfred & Lois Kelch Aviation Museum website. In this space, we’ll post news and updates about the museum collection,

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