Annual Fly Market / Aviation Swap Shop

Kelch Aviation Museum’s annual Fly Market from 10am to 7pm on September 8th and 9th at the Kelch Aviation Museum on Brodhead Airport (C37).
Every year we set aside items that don’t fit in or aren’t needed in the museum collection anymore, then offer them for sale. Whether you’re looking for specific parts, browsing for specialty items, or collecting oddities, we’ve got something for you – after all, this is a museum!
Featuring items from the collections of antique aviators Dick Hill, Dick Wagner, and of course museum founder Al Kelch.

Items include (but by no means limited to):

– 1930s through 1960s instruments.
– Antique and classic aircraft parts, including Piper, Taylorcraft, Aeronca, Stinson.
– Airframe parts.
– Wheels and brakes.
– A65 continental parts.
– 110 & 125 Warner parts.
– Hardware and manuals.
– Collectibles, gifts, and knick knacks

… And a lot more. You’ll have to come to see it all!

Market will take place from 10am to 7pm on Friday and Saturday, September 8 & 9. We’ll also be serving ice cream – honestly, what could be better?

First come, first serve. Prices as marked, or ask staff. Inquire about shipping items. Priority goes to customers in person, but we can sometimes accommodate an online or phone order, or a shipment; please ask.