Pat Weeden

Pat Weeden grew up as an “airport rat” around the Brodhead Airport, and has been to just about every event there since the early 1970s. He comes from a family of pilots, airplane mechanics, restorers and nerds, so you could say avgas runs in his veins. After serving on several non-profit boards in the region, he came to the Kelch Aviation Museum in 2014 to organize the collection, plan the new museum facility, and fundraise for its completion.

When he’s not at the airport working for the museum, Pat is at the airport working as the airport manager, or at the airport writing newsletters for the Brodhead Pietenpol Association, or at the airport volunteering for EAA Chapter 431. In his spare time, Pat often works around the airport mowing runways and keeping critters from digging holes on the airport. Honestly, we wish he’d get some rest and just get a real hobby.