Moving Sale

With the recent purchase of the property and buildings next to Brodhead Airport where we intend to construct our new museum building, we inherited quite a collection of aviation parts and accessories from the previous owner. Not to mention quite a collection of non-aviation “stuff”.

After several weeks of removing the collectible items that can be used in our museum or resold to other aviation museums or collectors, we had a huge sale on June 13 as part of Brodhead’s City-Wide Rummage Sale.

Engine Train

Wagon train of old engine cases and cylinders headed for safekeeping.

With the hangar looking like a full-blown antique store, we opened shop amid the mess of our ongoing demolition efforts. The sale went well and we made a respectable amount to go towards the new museum.

Sale Day

Friday before our big sale day.

Stay tuned as well continue to prepare our new building for temporary occupancy over the summer.

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