Rediscovering Aviation – An interview with Jeanne Scholes

During the summer of 2016, 88-year old Brodhead resident Jeanne Scholes visited the Kelch Aviation Museum for the first time and told us stories of her flying days as a young girl. She took lessons at age 15, soloed at 16 and earned her private pilot certificate at 18. Jeanne flew Stearman, Wacos, military trainers, Cubs and Luscombes. She married soon after and stopped flying herself, only going up occassionally with her husband over the next 60 years.

Listening to Jeanne’s stories and her obvious enthusiasm about flying, we invited her to fly in our Curtiss 12-W and later, our Stearman C3B. Listen in the video below as she describes her experience in rediscovering flying in vintage aircraft.



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