A whole new look!

We’re so excited to launch our new site and new look, complete with a fresh logo, brand new merchandise, and a lot of new cool features!

Our Logo

We wanted a very distinct but very classic look for Kelch’s new logo. Lifelong Brodhead Airport regular Bill Weeden created our new multi-version logo, drawing inspiration from our elegant and powerful Stearman C3-B, and the classic aviation art of the 1930s.

Love it as much as we do? We’re selling decals, so you can decorate your car, airplane, or any other stick-able surface!

Our decals feature the round version of the Kelch logo.

We love the bright colors and cheerful-but-vintage style of our new website! We were thrilled to work with LA based graphic designer Hannah Priscilla, a former Wisconsonite who loves the bold colors and artistic posters from the 1930s. Together we brainstormed – and barnstormed! – to find a perfect combo of vintage-inspired meets fresh & modern.

We searched through archives, books, and the internet to find a huge collection of aviation artwork and graphics from the Golden Age of Aviation. Using this as a base inspiration, our team created a collection of colors, typefaces, and images that will represent Kelch Aviation Museum in everything from our merchandise to our display signage.

Many thanks to Hannah Priscilla and Bill Weeden for their amazing work! In spite of the timezone differences between us and the pandemic restrictions, we had a wonderful time working together.

Love what you see here? Hannah’s wonderful work can be viewed on her website, or check out Beandream, her fabulous shop!

Thanks also to the many folks who helped out – testing the site, finding images for inspiration, offering feedback, and so much more! We look forward to sharing this fresh new look with you in person when the museum opens. In the meantime, explore the new site, browse our cool new merchandise in our shop, and tell your friends to check us out!

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