LeRoy LaBarre Memorial Challenge Grant

The Kelch Aviation Museum has received a $2,000 challenge grant in memory of the late LeRoy T. “Bud” LaBarre, longtime Brodhead Airport manager and aircraft builder. A challenge grant means the museum will receive $2,000 from a generous local donor if we can raise an equal amount from the public. So we need your help!

Bud LaBarre built and restored several aircraft, including a Hatz Biplane, Rearwin Sportster, and Cessna Airmaster, and he flew his 1948 Luscombe 8E for many years from the Brodhead Airport. He was a WWII veteran (86th Infantry “Blackhawks”) and a great friend to those at the airport for many years. 

The deadline for the grant is Friday, May7, 2021, so donate today at the “Contribute” link above. Thank you!

UPDATE: We’ve reached the goal and raised $2,460 in just five days. Thank you everyone!

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