Hannah Earns Her Pilot’s License

Last week, the museum’s own Hannah Shickles got her private pilot’s license! When she first volunteered at the Kelch Aviation Museum not even two years ago, Hannah knew absolutely nothing about aviation. Walking through those hangar doors changed her life.

One of The Kelch Aviation Museum pilots took Hannah for a flight in the Curtiss-Wright 12W “Travel Air” on her first day of volunteering. She said no to the offer initially, but was persuaded by Pat and Ami, telling her she could always give a “thumbs down” and the pilot would land again. “When I sat down in the front cockpit I thought I would be terrified. Instead, I felt something inside me click. I knew from that day forward that I would be involved in aviation in one way or another,” Hannah said. In less than two years, she’s now a pilot herself, all due to that one moment she was exposed to the joy of flight.

We are so happy to see the Kelch Aviation Museums’ impact on local youth. “If I would have never volunteered that day, I don’t think I would be flying. And if it weren’t for all the amazing people at the Brodhead airport and the museum who allowed me to ask questions for hours and supported my journey, I don’t know if I would be where I am today.”

Congratulations, Hannah! Supporting the Kelch Aviation Museum means supporting the life-changing inspiration aviation can have on a person, as Hannah’s story so wonderfully shows. Donate today, tell your friends to visit, and keep flying!

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