Thank You Nancy Kopp!

Supporter shoutout: Thank you, Nancy A. Kopp!

What makes the museum special to you? “I support the museum because it embodies the things that Dad loved most: aviation, history, learning, sharing knowledge with others, and, above all, having fun,” she says. “It’s a local treasure.”

Nancy’s encouragement, financial support, and historical research have made a huge impact at the Kelch Aviation Museum. We’re honored that she chose to donate in memory of her father, private pilot and local renaissance man Rudy Kopp (1927-2019), to fund the creation of our archive and research library. Nancy and her dad owned this iconic blue 1928 Packard Sedan, and Rudy often drove it to the Brodhead Airport and gave rides. Nancy had it overhauled recently, so keep an eye out for the Packard around town again!

This month we’re highlighting some of the wonderful supporters who make our museum possible. Join the museum family today: Fill out a volunteer form on our website, or donate right now at

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